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March 24, 2011

What I was, what I will be.

School to college is a drastic change. Such drastic changes alter the daily life steps. One will need time to cope up with the changes.

I stepped to college with such zeal and enthusiasm, of making new friends, a new environment … blah blah.Little did I know of what was going to happen? Never had I known that the zeal and enthusiasm was soon going to bite the dust.

I did make fine new good buddies, but my mind never tried to adjust to the atmosphere. “School is miserable” was what I thought back then at school. A few words altered the same sentence now-“College is much more miserable”.Miserable stayed where it was .My mind became sort of “college phobic”. But the “Friends-o-holic” thing did overcome it. Soon I got used to it.
Getting over to the new thing-“College does not really matter, tuition actually matters”. But all that mattered was my interest nothing else, although it was the thing I had lost for a time. I had no interest in studies or anything else. Just listen to what the lecturers blabber and open the books day before a test and waste the rest of the time became my new concept of life due to lack of interest. I did give up blogging, and most of my hobbies as well.
I finally did manage to wriggle out through a tough barrier and I’m half way through it already. Since I already know how the half of the path was, I can easily interpret the other half of it.
But for now I just wish that time will get a pair of wings or a pair of legs so that it would just fly or even run!


  1. :) Indeed! you've summarized your situation in succha succulent manner! And it's indeed true that there is a butterfly in every catterpiller! :) and i'm sure that butterfly is half way out of the cocoon already!
    And ps: here's a little tip i'd like to share. When i started college, everything about it majorly sucked. But you know, as time passes, you get used to it, you make new friends, you grow...and trust me, its the sort of phase in your life that you'll never get back. So make hay while the sun shines, young lady!
    beautiful post! :) glad to have you back, dish!

  2. And yeah! Of course I've realised that..
    Let's see what may happen this year.
    Thanks! that was a warm welcome. I found the quote suitable for the post! Co-incidence, purely.And I promise to keep up!! :)

  3. Hi Disha,
    Great! very honest!
    Few tips (may be helpful)
    I totally agree with your views/experiences, what might be little helpful is to visualize 2 years from now and where you want to be, then focus yourself completely to that goal and then "time will get a pair of wings or a pair of legs so that it would just fly or even run!", all the best, have strong faith in God!
    Pradeep (your Dad and me are second cousins)

  4. Hi Pradeep, nice to hear from you! Thank you for the tips:)