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August 24, 2011

The Anna Hazare Movement

A bright Wednesday morning, my routine began on itself as usual. I headed for college with no mood to listen to the boring lectures. Wednesdays always bugged me for the fact that I had only theory classes, boring too. While going towards college I noticed some students coming in the opposite direction, without caring I went to park the vehicle. “It’s a holiday today I guess” said the watchman. Without wasting a thought I sped straight home. “Oh! Anna Hazare is in Jail! It’s the Anna Hazare Movement!Its the fight against corruption!” I exclaimed
Back home, my friends gave me a call “It’s a holiday so can we drop in?” “Oh sure” I said.
It was the Anna movement at bay. The classes in colleges had been boycotted by other ‘patriotic’ students on this account. Gandhi Square, Mysore became a centre for this movement. It was filled with protestors, students, elders and others who supported Anna. “We want Jan Lokpal bill”, “We support Anna”, Anna ki jai” were the slogans raised. The atmosphere was indeed like Quit India movement relapsed, with the youth and the younger generation taking much zeal in it. The whole nation extended its support to Anna to carry out his fast. Candle-light marches, Bike rallies were organized on this behalf, and it showed a good response.
“This movement is just an excuse and the students are missing their classes unnecessarily” commented some people of forward mind. It was good to see the unity, the patriotic feeling that had now awoken.
But on the contrary, instead of supporting Anna, for the purpose which the holiday was declared, I accompanied my pals to plan an outing to make a good use of the holiday for recreation, which we lack these days. An hour later, I found myself at a café relishing a cold coffee on the sunny day. We did celebrate the Anna Hazare movement, but in a contrasting manner!


  1. Enjoyable post reflecting the peppy attitude of youth !.....Its disconcerting, but true, that this great support wave for the Anna Movement has become a Big Tamasha , a Circus , a Mela, the Best Public Entertainment going !

  2. Yosee...hmmm you're right in a way...but it has its own brighter side..!

  3. Most movements start like this.. emotions of all hues... very patriotic, cynical, critical, boring etc all co-existing; somewhere along, it gets momentum and sometimes the speed with which it grows even leaves the organisers gasping not knowing where it is headed for.. it's good people responded well to Ann's call and if something is achieved to stop corruption, it is still good for the country. Then you should have a celebration round..!

  4. ERR sir, Yes, its absolutely true on what's going on in the country for a fortnight. Some people are unaware about what's actually the movement going on. Thank you sir, for the comment.