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February 17, 2009

High School entry - some memories

When I was promoted to 8th std I never knew it would be different from that of middle school.
I joined Marimallappa's high school a year ago. It was the first day of school and I did not know anybody in that school except for my old classmate Sheetal. I did not even know where my class is and where is the assembly hall. Fortunately I saw many of my old classmates in school I ran to them but unfortunately they were of the other class.
After the assembly I later joined my new classmates in search of my class. It was hard to find but we managed to find it. Later on my class teacher came in. As he took the attendance there was a lot of noise around and I could not hear anything till he came up to my name. He shouted my name but i could not hear him and my friend alerted me. I had taken Sanskrit as first language and the teacher came in. She said that she would not start the lessons on the first day. Then she asked us to introduce ourselves and tell why we had chose Sanskrit as first language. After that she asked us to write a paragraph on the above topic. But the bell rang and we were asked to do it in our homes.

I made new friends. It was time for the lunch break and we did not know where to sit for lunch. Finally we went down to the playground and had our lunch. I was afraid that the maths teacher who taught maths would be like the same one like in my old school [Whatever she taught she only knew that !!] So luckily he was not the same. As it was first day he just cracked jokes but the next day he revised the portions of 7th std. Later it was time to go home and I called my sister to come and pick me up. Unfortunately she did not bring any vehicle but she had came by walk with her friend!! With a heavy bag on my shoulders and a lunch bag in hand I went home groaning. Then I came home and told my parents about the school and the teachers,friends.
Everyone will have a memorable experience and especially in school days.. like which i have shared.


  1. Welcome to Mysore Park Blog, Disha. I hope you have wonderful days at school which will be memorable, too. Good luck with everything.

  2. So true. First days do linger on. The nervousness..everything, everyone is so strange. A year later, you must be cock-a-hoop! Welcome to Mysore Park

  3. Disha,welcome to the blogosphere. I read your earlier post as well. Keep writing.

    I hope you won't mind a suggestion. Try to avoid small mistakes. Also edit the articles before publishing. The best way to do that is to let what you have written 'cool' overnight and revise it the next day or so before posting.

    I am impressed that you have chosen Sanskrit as your first language. My uncle was considered to be good at the language, but I had no chance to learn it.

    All the best, Disha, in blogging as well as in life.

  4. Wow Disha!!! I'm so exicted to see such a young blogger in Mysore Blog Park!! :-) I'm sure you'll enjoy MBP, it's its the place you'll make great friends and find great supporters!! I love your blog, I love the way you write, and have decided to follow your writings! So I guess you already have a fan!! Welcome to MBP...school days are always something special. All the best of wishes for your school then!! Do keep writing, I'm cheering you on!!! :-)


  5. Thank you. I don't mind a comment or two if it would improve my writing skills.

  6. Hi Disha, I had not noticed your blog earlier! Not sure how I may have missed. I remember Marimallappa's too, am a product of the same school and PUC as well back in, I think, 1978! I still have some fond memories of my time going to High School there. Sanskrit was also my language of choice and to me it was fun and educational. I like your free style of writing. Continue to keep it simple and include as many anecdotes that you can remember as you go through life in School. These will serve as a reminder of what it was like and also help some of us "relive" those days, through your writing! Take care, happy blogging and all the best!

  7. hi disha this is AGN
    i read your first experience in the school
    good go to any where this type of experience is common but mind set up is very impordent,
    these are all memorable movements dont miss it good luck

  8. my first skol day experience is similar to u.in th starting weak of th skol. i was absent, nd i cme to skol after week.i was tendensed up. i saw my old classmates going to thre classes nd i wnt to thm for some help thy took me to my class whch was 8th b our classteacher was k.t.s wh was very frndly after a weakor 2 thre was ths c.r"s election k.t.s made me to stand in it. fortuneatly i won ths experience is th best

  9. Nice writing Disha. The only way to improve is to keep writing! Don't give up. Trust me, your writing skills will take you places!