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February 23, 2009

Partying spirits

Ideal Jawa Rotary School

My schooling was in Ideal Jawa Rotary School kindergarten to 7th. I am proud to say that I remained a good student in my tenure there. My best part of life there was spent with all my fun-loving friends. All the students in the class were best buddies, we never fought and fussed.

Our class stood first in unity! We enjoyed every part of schooling, but we never knew it. When picnics were arranged, preparations and discussions were done before a week. The days would be like hell until the day finally arrived. Some teachers fussed on our home works but some were a jolly lot. During the lunch hour we would gobble the food as quick as possible and run to play “kalla police” (thief-police) or “Chain cut” to mention a few of my favorite games. All the boys would be the thieves and the girls would be the police. We grew up like this. Time flew. One fine day, came when all these things ended.

Yes. It was the last day at school in 7th grade. That was a prosperous year for everybody with a few exceptions. The last day was the most memorable one in school. We never had any idea how it was going to be. We arranged a send-off party and we were permitted to do! What a grand party it was!

The eve of the party was Christmas celebrations at school, in the middle of the celebrations; we met the head mistress to ask permission for the party. Permission was granted and decoration of the class room began in full swing. Some of the students including me were chosen for decoration. After a few hours the decoration was finished with a big welcome sign on the door. The day finally arrived in our exited moods. A big pineapple cake, lots of cool drinks, a heap of chips, chocolates and other mouth watering goodies were arranged for 56 students who would soon scatter to other schools in the coming year. The benches were arranged in a circular shape in the middle of the class room. The teacher came unto the door without knowing that a surprise party was arranged. Though we were permitted to party, shouting was prohibited and the discipline was hard to maintain for that occasion.

After the cake cutting ceremony by our class teacher we all munched on the yummy goodies. Some boys started shouting and got a sound trashing from the teacher. Though she was a strict one, she enjoyed a lot with us. We played music and sang and danced too, but in a low volume! Finally the party was over so was our excitement. It was time to clean up! It was really tiring. We rearranged the benches in the same order and cleaned up the mess. Some students ran away in order to avoid cleaning.

It was a very happy ending for us. Such memories are not common in middle school but I think our school ‘was’ the best.

Leisure was always granted, and no holiday home work .The children were allowed to bring toys and games after the examination at the end of the academic year. The teachers knew very well what the children needed – more play time! My schooldays there will be cherished forever, for all the good things it has taught me.


  1. Oh my!! You sure seem to have had a lot of fun! :-) Nice...you know, even "Chain Cut" was my fav game as a child,,,we always played it after school...it was such fun! Beautiful write-up, shows how much you miss your early schooling..but glad to know that you had so much great fun, and created so many great memories! Thanks a lot for sharing, and all the very best, little friend! :-)