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February 25, 2009

The Get together

One recent Saturday morning (Feb.7) turned out to be a memorable day for some of my old classmates including me. The “Open Day” was held at Ideal Jawa Rotary School where some of my present school mates from MMHS planned to go. As luck would have it, our school bell rang an hour early and we had an extra free hour! We had even arranged a get together there that morning.

“Open day” actually means fun fair. It is held for every 2 years. It was held last when we were in the 6th grade. A particular topic was chosen for every class of the middle school for which models and charts based on the topic were to be prepared by us. Artworks and craft works by us were also displayed. Food stalls, to munch on mouth watering food; many fun games and best of them all was the fruit salad stall. But this was 3 years back. This time it was rather boring without any stalls or any games. An ice cream stall, a chat corner and a milkshake stall were there. But we never expected that our excitement would reach the topmost. We met the teachers who were happy to see us all grown up. Then we waited for our other friends to come. We had never seen each other for a year and all were surprised and shocked to see the changed faces. Hungry, we headed for the chat stall and shared Pani Puris. It was rather hot and there was scarcity of water; so we relished the cool ice cream. No wonder my throat was already sore and my nose started watering! It was worth it! We chatted for 3 long hours but it just seemed like a minute. We did nothing but recalled what all we used to do and how we were before, the various games we used to play, how the teachers used to behave – sometimes funny etc, and about our present situations. We could not possibly stop chatting! We exchanged our phone numbers and E-mail id’s. It was time to bid farewell. We just could not bid goodbye. We never felt like leaving that place. After another 10 minutes saying “bye” we left. Accompanied by my friend Sheetal, I headed home.

In those previous years, we only enjoyed the games and tasted the yummy food. But this time it was all different, the stalls and games made no difference. Only with an aim to meet old pals, we went there. This will remain evergreen in my memory and the great time I spent with my old buddies after a gap of almost two years.


  1. wow interesting!! :-) Look at all the change good friends and company can make!! School is almost always about having fun, isn't it? Great to know you ppl have open days...i wished we did too!! It's a nice thing to reconnect with friends that way....do stay in touch with them, and do keep writng!!! :-) All the very best!