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October 05, 2011

With love,

Dearest Lakshmi,

"Friend - a person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection and loyalty." So it is defined in a dictionary. And I see it abides by what it defines.

‘Every person is a new door to a different world’. True to it, you are one such person whose impact mesmerized me to a new world, the world of blogging. Four years back, I started with my first blog; my very first inspiration was ‘An Amateur’s Attempts’. I began my blogging journey at a young age. I never received any feedback, on account of which I was prejudiced. But it was your encouragement that kept my confidence alive and I continued my journey. I say this from the heart; I love Brad Pitt, Rafael Nadal and many each for their accomplishments, but I definitely am your biggest starry-eyed fan and you top my celebrity favorites list. It’s because you’re the best celebrity I’ve managed to meet so far!

Your blogs, poems and everything you write are out of this world, perfect, flawless and inspiring. All your writings have a stupendous life in it. And of course you’re an amazing photographer, artist, and an ‘author’. I wonder how gifted your parents feel to have a doting daughter like you!

Everything you do is an inspiration to me. Reading all that you write awakens the writer in me. It’s your words that motivated me to pursue my blogging expedition which was hindered in the meanwhile. Ever since a kid I’ve always been fascinated by those Enid Blyton’s, Agatha Christie’s and Nancy Drew’s books and novels. But since time flew, books were promoted to blogs, and I’m into blogging, I’ve learnt tons of things not only from your writings, from you as well. You’re my role model to this day!
We make great amigos too. Maybe that’s because both of us love Tinkle, Harry Potter, painting, birds, nature and oh! So many more!

Today is a big special day, for you. So step out, bask your face in the feeble morning sunlight, let that cool breeze sweep through your face. Perceive that extravagant feeling of randomness, charm. You will feel beautiful, from within the inner. Finally, you will hear my voice whispering from nowhere “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lakshmi”! You turn 21 today, so I wish that all the happiness will be yours. With a lot of hope that I’ve made your day, I wish you once again “Happy 21”!

With love,


  1. Well said! Cheers to LB, our favorite celebrity!
    @Disha, we've made a page for her ;)

  2. Zardy, LB is no less than a public figure now! :)

  3. A lovely, warm post. sincere in its ode to friendship.