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June 20, 2012

The Songs of my Heart: Birds

Everybody has a passion; it’s just that one needs an outlook to realize it. As a kid I loved writing essays, drawing pictures, collecting stamps and coins and I had a vivid imagination. As I grew up my hobbies too grew up with me. Some of the hobbies slowly turned into passion.
I was a young birdwatcher, back then I had a small binoculars (my dad’s old one) and excitedly used to sit at the windows and look through it to find some birds! It was a mere pass-time back then, but at present I felt the love for the winged creatures that lies in my heart. I first heard the word Ornithology from one of my good friend, Lakshmi Bharadwaj. I was also glad to find out that we sailed in the same boat.
My love for birds is probably because of my dad, who himself is a bird enthusiast. Adding to the lovely garden we have in our house, attracted more of those pretty winged creatures. Our garden can be called a bird’s paradise (despite being in the main road adding to the noise) a perfect bird bath, to cool off during hot noons, trees to rest on and the soothing greenery around!

                                     My sketch of Dr.Salim Ali,
Dr.Salim Ali (1896-1987), the greatest Indian ornithologist who introduced the ethereal spirits of the air to the earth. With his hard work and efforts, today we know what kinds of birds exist in our country. Hats off to this great personality! His achievements are indeed praiseworthy. What helped me to develop my interest and build my knowledge was alone this great man’s book ‘The book of Indian birds’. This book was a gift for my father from a friend, which today tops my list of favorites. All that I know today, all the birds that I can identify today is only because of the book. My veneration for ornithology will always be high.  If I had another life I would definitely choose to be a bird, flying devotedly!

Whenever I see a bird gleefully chirping, flying, or even playing in the birdbath, my heart takes a merry-go-round. I can feel a sense of joy, a close touch of nature’s creation. My love for Mother Nature knows no bounds. The captivating song of a bird has the power to make me get over my laziness. It is a delight to watch them timidly stepping into the bird bath and splash water to beat the heat. What more can I expect!

Ornithology is a song for me, a song that my heart sings for me to pursue, the only song that I cared to stop and hear it. A passion which will die with me, an ardor that can only exist in my heart and not my mind! And so my heart sings…


  1. Nice post. One Shirley [USA] after seeing my interests in birds on a gardening website simply asked my address and then there was a surprise packet after a few days at our door! It was a gift from her - 'Birds of India', by Salim Ali.

    The first para on my blogpost lists most of the birds that visit our garden: http://mysoreanmusings.blogspot.in/2011/07/our-garden-hosts-two-bird-nests.html

  2. It was wonderful to read your post about your interest in ornithology / bird watching. Birds are really amazing creatures and they can keep one entertained for hours on end. You are indeed fortunate to have a garden that attracts birds.
    Kudos on the skillfully sketched portrait of Salim Ali. If you have sketched any of your winged visitors, would love to see them too !
    Best Wishes.