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August 22, 2012

Withered, still green

The Tippu express chugged its way past the plains which were once filled with luscious green crops, but now lay parched. There was utter chaos inside the train compartment; kids weeping, the chatter of people and to add the coffee/tea and maddur vade sellers asking for business in an advertising voice. I had my earphones on, so I was not bothered by these chaos, and outside awaited a bigger scene to worry about. The outside view signified drought. It was clearly visible, which the misery was upon. The once so healthy, standing tall sugarcane crops lay bent out of thirst. Most of the crops were poorly developed, which any person could find out by looking at it.

The train sped away, with the wind hitting my face. For a moment I was lost, thinking about the consequences and the outcome. I saw some cattle there, searching for fresh grass, which was also deprived now. Some coconut trees also stood there diseased and withered. The sight was a clear sign, representing the coming hurdles for man, for meddling with Mother Nature. It was a gruesome realization; a major problem was being shunned. Failed monsoons, imbalance in the weather and seasons spelt of the lurking danger.
But someone in the fields stood there undeterred, a Farmer. Still tilling his fields adhered to make it verdant once again. A heartfelt feeling aroused, seeing his plight and efforts. The sight was not abstruse. It was not only a farmer’s problem, but one day the whole world might have to suffer. The sight of the fields spoke a veracious fact; that the future may have to face some severe outcomes from the present. This problem may be momentary, but it signifies eventual destruction. The solution was rather simple, all it needed was to realize and act to it.

Vagaries may take place, far we cannot say how or when. Yes, nature was showing its vengeance, or rather teaching us, humans a lesson for our wicked deeds committed for our selfish reasons.
The music in my earphones ended, and so did the sight of the fields. I had reached the outskirts of Bangalore by then and a . This view outside the window was contradictory to the view I had enjoyed before. There was complete urbanization, lots and lots of buildings, huge dumps of garbage was haphazardly strewn. The train halted there for a while and the view was unbearable, while I could sense the pollution in the air.

Zillions of thoughts had whizzed past my mind in that three hour journey.Yes, they were concerning. This was probably the first time that I had not got bored and fallen asleep in a journey. Thus I reached the apotheosis of my thinking that something needs to be done. Water is very scarce and it needs to be saved for the betterment of the future. Everyone should contribute in saving the world, for a better future ahead. The message needs to be spread and people need to be enlightened about the crisis.
I was rather reluctant and resentful upon taking this trip, but I don’t regret it now because it sure taught me lessons..it was a happy journey indeed. :)

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  1. Amazed at the tumult of thoughts that ran across your mind on a humdrum journey. It shows how observant and sensitive you are to the world around us......its true that everything has a hidden lesson, its upto us to open our eyes and see them.