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April 05, 2009

Something fishy!

This took place in my 6th grade. It was my general knowledge class, and my teacher Susan miss was teaching about fishes, the smallest was the “Gobi”. She asked the students if they had fishes as pets.

Many raised their hands and I was one among them. She asked us to name the fishes one by one.

It was my turn and as I had many Guppies in my pond I told her that I had “Guppies”.

As she was teaching about “Gobi es”, the smallest fish in the world, she mistook it as “Gobi”.

Later on, she asked the one who said “Gobi” to stand up. I kept quiet as I had not said.

But she remembered that I was the one and asked me to stand up and tell her its length. I kept quiet for a while and she showed me her finger and asked me if it was the length. I just said “yes” and took my seat!

I can never forget this funny experience even if I want to. There was no embarrassment here as I was the only one who knew what I had said!

1 comment:

  1. hehe....good one!! I'm sure such things happen in school life!! It's incredible you remember them! Sure was funny!